Smart planning
for transport operators

We compute the best planning selection to minimize the cost of empty legs in your dispatch. Optimize your fleet utilization, react to last-minute changes and monitor your costs in real-time.

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Key Benefits

Focus on managing your operations and streamline your planning. Save the extra mile.

Adapt to your business

In any type of transport operations, controlling costs means reducing ferry flights. Charters, co-ownership, based or non-based aircraft, we can address any kind of operations.

Integrate with existing systems

Already have a planning management tool? We can connect to existing solutions such as FL3XX© with no impact on your software. Use our Web App or connect your software to our API.

Groundbreaking technology

Our advanced computation technology analyzes your fleet timeline in a few seconds. Last-minute change, AOG? Find a new dispatch solution and react to meet customers' requests in real-time.

Monitor your costs

Get optimization statistics, follow your empty legs costs and your savings. Master your operational costs to tailor your pricing.

About Us

With combined experiences in aviation and applied science, we invested years of research in developing the ideal solution for any operator.

Our references include major BizAv actors and we are proud to be a member of FL3XX© integrated partners.

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